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Protect your family...

Protect your family from false accusations.

In light of the recent case in California, numerous states are being bombarded with laws in an attempt to tighten regulation and oversight on home educators. Hawaii went as far as to present legislation which would require an FBI background check on any family desiring to home educate. Many states are screaming for home inspections based on false information, accusations, and possible abuse based on this California tragedy.

We need to make sure that does not happen in Oklahoma. Please contact the House Rules committee and ask them to please vote YES on HB 3686 by Rep. Kevin Calvey in the Rules Committee on March 1.

HB 3686 helps focus DHS caseworkers’ time on actual cases of child abuse or neglect rather than on anonymous complaints. HB 3686 supports confidential complaints, which are necessary and proper, where the complainant's name would be protected absent a rare court order to reveal it.

Anonymous complaints are more likely to be someone using DHS as a means of carrying out a vendetta against another: an un-liked racial or cultural minority; an ex-spouse; or a neighbor they don't like and even a person who is hostile toward home education. Anonymous complaints often take more of a caseworker's precious time to investigate- who does the caseworker call for info, if the caller was anonymous? If a person called and did not wish to reveal his or her name or contact info, that person would be informed that DHS could, at the complainant's request, have their complaint transferred to 911.

Confidential, YES. But anonymous= abuse.

Please help focus DHS' energy on real child abuse/neglect cases rather than on people's personal vendettas by voting YES on HB 3686. Thank you.


"Many states are screaming for home inspections based on false information, accusations, and possible abuse based on this California tragedy."


Read the bill HERE. Just click on HB3686.

House Rules Committee members are: Rep. Josh Cockroft, Tecumseh, josh.cockroft@okhouse.gov Rep. Kevin West, Moore, kevin.west@okhouse.gov Rep. Zack Taylor, Seminole, zack.taylor@okhouse.gov Rep. Meloyde Blancett, Tulsa, meloyde.blancett@okhouse.gov Rep. Jon Echols, OKC, jon.echols@okhouse.gov Rep. Elise Hall, OKC, elise.hall@okhouse.gov Rep. Steve Kouplen, eastern OK, steve.kouplen@okhouse.gov Rep. Terry O'Donnell, Tulsa, terry.odonnell@okhouse.gov Rep. Mike Osburn, Edmond, mike.osburn@okhouse.gov Rep. David Perryman, Chickasha, david.perryman@okhouse.gov Rep. Weldon Watson, Tulsa, weldon.watson@okhouse.gov

For your convenience, you can copy and paste the list below into the BCC of your email so that you only have to send it once.

josh.cockroft@okhouse.gov; kevin.west@okhouse.gov; zack.taylor@okhouse.gov; meloyde.blancett@okhouse.gov; jon.echols@okhouse.gov; elise.hall@okhouse.gov; steve.kouplen@okhouse.gov; terry.odonnell@okhouse.gov; mike.osburn@okhouse.gov; david.perryman@okhouse.gov; weldon.watson@okhouse.gov


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