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About Us

Who is the Constitutional Home Educators Alliance? We are an organization comprised of veteran Oklahoma home educating families who understand the importance of our constitutionally defined method of educating our children “by other means:” creating a distinguishable line between public school, private school, and true or constitutional home education.

While Constitutional Home Educators Alliance advocates for the freedom of all home educators to educate their children without government interference regardless of their faith, and advocates for the rights of all parents regardless of their personal faith, the organization has been formed with an intent to approach the ideals of parental rights and educational freedom from a decidedly Christian worldview.

Constitutional Home Educators Alliance’s primary mission is to educate legislators on issues concerning parental rights and constitutional home education. We are not affiliated in any way with public school at home, school choice, ESAs or vouchers. To mix any of that into parent-led and funded home education would send mixed messages to our legislators and create an irreparable confusion potentially placing families at risk for regulation.

Bill 93

Protecting Constitutional Home Education and Parental Authority.

Mission Statement
Vision Statement

Without any infringement, the opportunity to educate by other means and parental authority will be maintained.

Ed Choice / School Choice

Why do we stay away from the EdChoice or School Choice movement?
School Choice or Ed Choice = Government Control of Education Children Receive

We prefer to use the term EdLiberty
Education Liberty = Parental Control of Education Children Receive

To allow government funding to follow the student to private schools or home education will, in fact, turn those forms of education into public schools. If the money follows the student, so does the regulation.

Which one represents American values best?

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