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February 12th is Legislative Impact Day at the State Capitol!!

It takes tremendous community support to achieve our goals, and volunteers are at the very heart of our mission. We cannot over-emphasize the importance that positive, face-to-face communication with legislators has on protecting our liberties. A polite, articulate parent or child can go a long way toward persuading legislators that homeschoolers are worthy of their freedom. You and your family can be an integral part of being the voice of Constitutional home education to our state legislators. Join us as allies on February 12th as we stand together to protect our parental rights and home education freedom at the State Capitol.

oklahoma legislative impact

Educational Training

Be Prepared

Don't worry, we will send you out prepared. On our ALERTS page, we have the complete packet which will be sent to the

Representatives and Senators. Familiarize yourself with this information, so you are prepared to answer any questions. We will have cover sheets to pass out to all the offices, and complete packets which we will distribute to committee members.

HSLDA Support

Be Confident

You can be confident that everything we do will be for the best interest of the constitutional home educator. As always, we vale HSLDA's opinion on each of these issues, and have sought their input through out the process of reading the current proposed legislation. We thank HSLDA for working with us in educating legislators as we strive to maintain autonomy as true parent-led, privately funded home educators.

Build Relationships

We need families who are willing to spend 5 minutes in the offices of 5 legislators on February 12th. We will supply you with the resources to be the voice of constitutional home education to our legislators. We have prepared updated information to deliver to every legislator at our State Capitol. This includes important information about home education, a summary of any bills with which we have concern, and thank-you note for the legislator's service to the community.

We are meeting at 9:00am, in front of the cafeteria just north of the gift shop on the lower entry level, to pray and distribute papers to pass out. We need allies to deliver these items and begin forging a relationship with legislators.
Training for this position is highly recommended!

Help Us Grow

Our organization relies heavily on the generosity and involvement of people like you, with every contribution going towards making Constitutional Home Educators Alliance an even better Non-Profit Organization than it already is. Support our efforts any way you can - we are awaiting the approval of our c3 status and at that time, all contributions will be tax deductible.
As always, your prayers are one of our greatest assets. If you cannot attend, please take the time to pray for your legislator and for us as we work to protect your parental rights and homeschool freedom.
Contact us for more specifics about getting involved.

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