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Highschool Resources

We will update this page as we find resources which will aid in making your students transition from high school to college or the workplace less confusing or cumbersome.

If you find helpful information which you believe should be shard with the home education community, please share that with us so we can make it available.

homeschooling & Home Education

Constitutional Home Educators Alliance recognizes the digital age in which we live and is ready to direct you to the resources which will help you on your journey. We have compiled a list of educational Websites which you might find helpful whether you are just beginning or on the last leg of your journey.

One of the best places to start is the HSLDA Website.

Constitutional Home Education Alliance knows the importance of the local support group. We are glad to ally with you in training your members on legislative and educational issues and will be happy to come to where you are for live training and support. We offer numerous workshops from Getting Started to making Transcripts for your high schoolers graduation. From beginning to end, Constitutional Home Educators Alliance is with you all the way. Contact us for more information or to schedule.

In 2017, the requirements for college admissions and concurrent enrollment changed so that home educated students no longer required to have a higher score on national tests to qualify for admissions. Thanks to Rep. George Faught for finding this information for us.
Click on the documents to see either the rules specific to home educators or view the entire policy.

Home Education Requirements

OSRHE Academic Affairs Policy and Procedure Manual

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