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It takes a tremendous amount of dedication and commitment to educate your children at home. Dedication to your children and their well-being; commitment in the form of time, energy, and personal funding. Constitutional Home Educators Alliance is here to help you gain the knowledge and confidence you need to continue throughout your journey.

Home School Legal Defense Association

Join HSLDA using our group number 210510 and receive $20 off your annual membership!  One of the many benefits of being a member of HSLDA is the plethora of services, special discounts, and personal advice to support and equip your family’s homeschool program. Members have direct access to:

A comprehensive and growing guide of homeschooling resources and services to help each child reach their highest potential!

**Note: The opinions on this site are not necessarily the opinions of Constitutional Home Educators Alliance and should not be construed as such. We do not believe home education includes Charter or Virtual Schools as they are by definition public institutions. We are simply sharing this site because of the tremendous amount of resources they have made available.**


The Pioneer Woman

Free online educational resources.


The listing of retailers below does not constitute endorsement by Constitutional Home Educators Alliance of that retailer, its products, or its actions. As with any internet resource, we urge you to be informed and shop responsibly. All retailers are listed at the sole discretion of Constitutional Home Educators Alliance and may be removed at any time.

Christian Book Distributors

Homeschool curriculum, workbooks, living books, and resources for all styles and methods of homeschooling! Discover the homeschool curriculum that will best fit with your child and family to meet your educational goals.


Books Bloom

A great resource for used books, hard to find books, and homeschool encouragement.



Mardel Christian book store and education supplier is here to meet the needs of homeschooling parents, educators, and all kinds of Christian lifestyles.


Rainbow Resources

Learning Tools for home and schools.

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