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  • Wayne Hendricks

Nothing is Ever Free

SOMETHING TO PONDER: What if the Oklahoma Department of Education was authorized by the State Legislature to approach true home-educating parents and tell them they could have the equivalent amount of Oklahoma state education money (currently averaging $9,075.00 per student) for their children that is currently being spent on a child per annum who attends any form of public education? They were told that there were no strings attached whatsoever. They were told there would be no accounting for the money, no receipts to turn in. They were even told it would come anonymously, with no follow up accounting. What if there was even a law that said so? What would be the parent’s response? Their answer: No!


"We simply cannot get involved with any method of public school at home."


One might ask why not take the money because it’s free? The answer: because it’s not free. Not ever. Everyone knows where that money came from: government funding allocated through tax revenue. Everybody should know that, at any future date, the government can, and will, demand that all of the money spent on education, no matter where it was allocated, will be accounted for.

Well, the Constitutional Home Educators Alliance knows that all public dollars spent on education are being accounted for right now. Every last dollar. That’s reasonable and I approve because that is being fiscally responsible. However, we know that any money expended by the state on any sector of public education will come with strings attached. With public money comes state control. We draw the line at this point. We simply cannot get involved with any method of public school at home.

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