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  • Carrie Bertrand

Change is difficult, but its not ALL bad

Quarantine was a challenge for most of us. But there were plenty of silver linings as well. I mean, who knew that….

  • we’d have time as a family to play Monopoly, Risk and Settlers of Catan simultaneously

  • husbands would suddenly become master gardeners of food they don’t really even like

  • children can survive without sports

  • we can do a lot of work from home

  • our children would participate in Zoom dance classes

  • we’d all become artists and paint on just about anything

  • squirrels can learn a ninja warrior course in about a week

  • toilet paper would be a commodity

  • Wal-Mart would become our link to the outside world

  • our children would all be sent home from school for the rest of the school year and we would suddenly be in a sort of crisis homeschooling mode that we actually, sort of, maybe like.

If you are thinking about taking charge of your child’s education next year, have we got a lot of good news for you. First of all - be encouraged, you can do it!

Second, you have an opportunity Tuesday, June 16 at 7:00pm in Mustang, to hear, meet, and ask questions of Dr. Brian Ray, PhD, the leader in home education research. Dr Ray is president of the National Home Education Research Institute, former private and public school teacher, and homeschooling father of eight children. Gain insight and understanding as you learn about the wonderful outcomes from a home education.

Visit Constitutional Home Educators Alliance facebook page and website to learn more.


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