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Why We Don't Want ESA's (2022 Edition)

The First Regular Session of the 58th Oklahoma Legislature is only two weeks in but it feels like two months. There are a plethora of bills filed which would directly affect home education including several vouchers/ESA's, and equal access bills. As always, we oppose any legislation which would put public funds into the private sector


"We don't want the money."


In an effort to best convey our message and easily link information and legislators together, this fantastic video was created which can be readily shared with anyone who has questions about ESA’s.

This video has been viewed all across the country. We get comments from home educators from other states who tell us how helpful the video was in understanding the the issue of ESA's and other government funding. Please watch it and share it with your own legislators and others who might be interested. We have also included this video on the ESA page of our Website where additional information can be found.

Thank-you so much, for working with us as we strive to protect your homeschool freedom and parental rights.


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