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  • Wayne Hendricks

Great storms announce themselves with gentle breezes!

SOMETHING TO PONDER: It doesn’t make prudent sense why any constitutional home education organization would ever support any form of the current Education Choice movement sweeping the nation. Unless, of course, to them it is viewed either as a political action cause, a potential revenue stream, a religious cause, or not even an issue.

Is it for dollars and cents? Is it an attempt to somehow cooperate collectively? I cannot see any justification for giving up ground on this issue. Regardless of the motives, even if it is with the best of intentions, this will eventually bring the government right into the living room of every single home in this country armed with warrant and prosecution. And why should I be called an alarmist when the federal government is actively and aggressively entrenched in the middle of your house and pocketbook right now?


"Education Choice is the Trojan horse of our day."


We at CONSTITUTIONAL HOME EDUCATORS ALLIANCE are going to vigorously defend the educational liberty for every family in Oklahoma to decide what is in the best interests of their own children and choose accordingly. However, the Education Choice spectacle (and anything similarly underwritten and/or supplemented with government money) comes with serious unintended consequences. In my personal view, such endeavors or initiatives as ESAs, PSAH, EdChoice, Charter, etc., end up in the state and national legislatures where jurisdiction and authority are enforced by law.

These are going to be the instruments utilized to bring every single sector of education under the direct dominion of the federal government and ultimate adjudication by the US Supreme Court, including home education. It is statism no matter how you disguise it.

Let me explain. On the federal government side of this issue, I have longstanding trust issues. Why? History always teaches us the logical conclusion! Just as the desire for a single-payer health care reform system was finally accomplished (the Affordable Care Act), here is more proof of a desire for a single-payer national education reform system. It will be called the National Education Act or some such thing. You must realize that health care and education represent two of the six major economic revenue streams for funding the federal budget.

Taxes are the largest source of general revenue stream funding the federal budget. Guess what? It is primarily a single-payer system. It’s called the personal income tax enacted in 1913 by the Constitutional Amendment 16. All private sectors generating capital have long been targeted by the federal government for conversion to public authority. Hence, there will finally only be a federalized public education system. No private sector education will be permitted. And if discovered, it will come under the penalty of law.

We find ourselves in a hard fight to hold the line for constitutional home education that is independent of the public education domain. It will sadden us to see who will cross that line. Even should it be only crossed by the smallest of measure. Education Choice is the Trojan horse of our day. We simply cannot cross that line.

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