Protect your family...

HB 3686 helps focus DHS caseworkers’ time on actual cases of child abuse or neglect rather than on anonymous complaints. HB 3686 supports co

Bullied by 'The System'

In Oklahoma, we are not required to submit records or share information about curriculum choices with our local school district.  We are con

Lines of Distinction

The only way we can keep those lines of distinction clear is to separate ourselves from the things that compromise who we are.

High Stakes

Although government has a proper role to restrain and punish those who are bad, it can also interfere with parents who are doing good for th

Our Autonomy is Vital

When legislators no longer see the distinction between public and non-public education, it affects you. When you enroll in the public school

Taking the Lead

we, as homeschoolers, must take the lead in educating our new and current legislators on the merits and validity of home education.

Legislative Alert!

While this may appear on the surface as a benefit to home educators, this bill could have long-term, negative consequences for home educator

Walking in Wisdom

The vast majority of families in Oklahoma who have chosen to educate their children by other means have done so with the knowledge and under

Bills to Support

Oklahoma is fortunate to have many elected legislators who are truly working for the good of their state and who listen to what conservative

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