Equal Access = Equal Restrictions

“Everyone gets to play!” While it sounds good on the surface, everyone gets to play sports or band, etc., no home schooler gets to ‘play ball’ in a public school program without the same regulations as the government school students. Regulations are a necessary part of any government program, it allows taxpayers to know better how their money is spent. Some regulations that often come with equal access laws, or “Tim Tebow” laws, include eligibility criteria for participation (testing), entering of personal student data into a national database, mandatory vaccinations, etc. "We do not want to lose our freedom for any reason." Home educated students will be expected to the adhere to the same b

It's About That Time!

It's that time of year!!! Although they've been in special session for some time now, our state legislators will start their regular session February 5, 2018. It's time for all parents to be aware of bills that may erode parental rights and affect the freedom to home educate in Oklahoma. To this end, Constitutional Home Educators Alliance will be watching bills, visiting with legislators, and updating our website as we get new information. Please stay alert and aware. If you would like to participate in CHEA's efforts, please visit our website https://www.constitutionalhomeeducators.org/ Our Legislative Impact Day will be on March 6th and we need bill watchers, Legislative Impact Day Allies

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