Education 'By Other Means'

SOMETHING TO PONDER: Oklahoma’s State Constitution employs the words “unless other means of education are provided” in Article 13, Section 4. So, what does the word “means” actually mean? The dictionary defines “means” as: 1. An action or system by which a result is brought about; a method or the way. 2. Money; financial resources; income; capital. To put this in perspective, let’s consider the U.S. House Committee on Ways and Means. This is a powerful committee that has jurisdiction over all taxation, tariffs and any other revenue streams that fund the Federal government. Outside of the Internal Revenue Service, it is the most authoritative and commanding financial institution of the U.S. C

Legislative Storm

We in Oklahoma have been blessed with a pleasantly mild winter. No substantial ice storms, no significant snow storms, not even really a bad wind storm. Unfortunately, the same is not true at our State Capitol. While we have been enjoying the mild weather, a storm has been brewing over the Capitol in the form of bad legislation. Currently, Constitutional Home Educators Alliance is watching a string of over 30 pieces of proposed legislation that will have a direct impact on parental rights and home educators, one of which could be consider an F4-F5 tornado. The others are being monitored closely as they do have some underlying rotation. Currently, Constitutional Home Educators Alliance is wat

We Don't Condemn Public Education

SOMETHING TO PONDER: I watched Dr. Steve Perry’s keynote address at the 2017 Oklahoma School Choice Summit & Exposition held recently at OKCCC. Why is it necessary for many of those who are seeking to support and establish the modern Education Choice movement sweeping across America to use incendiary rhetoric, liberation theology, abolitionist language, extreme characterization and indiscriminate accusation when condemning the public education system in America? "The CONSTITUTIONAL HOME EDUCATORS ALLIANCE believes the public education system does not deserve the contempt and condemnation it has been receiving..." I have listened online to a broad spectrum of lectures and read many of the wri

Autonomy is Imperative

We at Constitutional Home Educators Alliance fully support Education Liberty, believing a parent has the constitutional right to choose the method or venue in which they educate their children; but we do not support School Choice ESAs and the idea that it is the government’s responsibility to fund private or home education. "Regrettably, experience tells us that with government funds come government strings in the form of regulation." ESAs are government controlled and regulated funds placed on a debit card in your name to use for certain qualified educational expenses with promises of no strings attached. Sounds great, right? Regrettably, experience tells us that with government funds come

We Can Not Underestimate Parents

SOMETHING TO PONDER: By the time a child reaches public school age and is enrolled, what has the public education system taught that child? Anything yet? No, not at all. "We simply cannot underestimate the role of parents in the lives of their children." However, by the time any child has reached public school age, that child has been a student in a home education environment since birth. So, what have they learned? They have learned a language, how to communicate, and how to read and write at various levels. They have learned the names of people and how to identify the things surrounding their lives. They have learned how to eat and drink and dress themselves and brush their teeth and tie t

We Need to Get Back to Our Roots

Public school at home serves a great number of families in Oklahoma and we are pleased that the opportunity is available to these families. However, we have been bombarded with questions from people asking how they can “homeschool” using the public school system and the term “publicly-funded homeschooling” has even been mentioned. Either of those terminologies shows a total lack of understanding or perhaps even a disregard about the purpose and even cause of home education. In fact, we believe either of those terms to be an oxymoron which Merriam-Webster defines as “a combination of words that have opposite or very different meanings.” In our nation’s early history, families either taught t

Nothing is Ever Free

The Constitutional Home Educators Alliance knows that all public dollars spent on education are being accounted for right now. Every last do

Great storms announce themselves with gentle breezes!

SOMETHING TO PONDER: It doesn’t make prudent sense why any constitutional home education organization would ever support any form of the current Education Choice movement sweeping the nation. Unless, of course, to them it is viewed either as a political action cause, a potential revenue stream, a religious cause, or not even an issue. Is it for dollars and cents? Is it an attempt to somehow cooperate collectively? I cannot see any justification for giving up ground on this issue. Regardless of the motives, even if it is with the best of intentions, this will eventually bring the government right into the living room of every single home in this country armed with warrant and prosecution. And

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